Chad Ricca (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
Justin Lackie (Saxophone, Flute)
Joe Chezliak (Trombone, Vocals)
Evan Roorand (Bass, Vocals)
Madison Rich (Drums)
Ben Abdallah (Keyboard) 

Blue Rootz is a 6-piece ensemble out of Buffalo, NY devoted to creating a soundscape surrounded by funk and soul, while also blending elementz of jazz, rock, and R&B to develop a musical setting that anyone can get down and dance to. They have been locked in the groove and performing around Western NY since 2011, and will be releasing a new EP this spring. 

Blue Rootz is looking toward and/or forward to playing more showz and spreading the raw emotion that spillz into their songwriting to other partz of New York and beyond. By contemporizing funk, mixed with vintage vibez from days of yore, the group creates a powerhouse of sound from the deep pocket of their rhythm section along with their captivating horn playerz and impassioned vocalz; which is best to be experienced live. 

Booking Contact:

Chad Ricca - (716) 997-3570